Rami R.

Stylist level: 

Training/Years of Experience/Special Certification:
I have served over 22 years in the beauty industry and have a variety of certifications that complement my professional experience. I have also worked and trained with many different color brands and professional salon products throughout my career. 

What is Your Favorite Thing about being a Stylist? 
I enjoy challenging myself, my team, and my work. Colors, highlights, and color-corrections are the areas in my field I specialize and excel in. I am always looking for ways to improve my skills, techniques, and most importantly, my relationships with my diverse clientele.

What is something unique that you would like the clients to know about you?
The love for creating beautiful hair is my passion.

What is your favorite tip/hair secret you would like to share with clients?
I am delighted to work with clients of all ages, hair types, and hair challenges. I ask my clients to provide me with a thorough and honest history of his/her hair, so that I am able to design a style that will complement their style of living. I also appreciate establishing a productive relationship with my clients in order to provide exceptional service during their visit. By being seasoned in this industry, I understand how to balance the needs and wants of my clients in a practical manner by offering my most honest and professional suggestions.

Tuesday’s - Fridays 10-7
Saturdays 9-6
Sundays 11-4

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"I believe everyone has the potential to look great. Reinventing people’s hair, and the instant gratification that comes from the end result of my work, is my favorite thing."

David Bakir (Creative Director and Principal)

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