Stacy C. (Artistic Team)

I became a licensed professional in 2004 and loved the cosmetology life ever since. I'm an American board certified hair colorist and have invested in tons education for color and will continue to do so

Advanced Master Stylist

Favorite Things:
CREATIVITY is my favorite thing about being a stylist! It's a beautiful way to express yourself. I have a passion for art and designing hair to adorn people makes me feel amazing

I'm a hair fanatic! I simply cannot see anything but hair! I constantly seek the best education so I can give my clients new hot looks every season! In my industry keeping up with latest trends in fashion is a must! I truly believe our hair in an accessory and if it's not cute you're not cute!

My secret is real beauty comes from compacts, squeezable tubes, out of a pump, or an aerosol can! My best tip I can give people is ALWAYS use product! I believe in good hair care when you invest in your hair you'll see an amazing difference why look good? When you can look great!

Location & Availability: 

Sunday (every other)

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"I believe everyone has the potential to look great. Reinventing people’s hair, and the instant gratification that comes from the end result of my work, is my favorite thing."

David Bakir (Creative Director and Principal)

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